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Cereal & Spices Washing Machine

Cereal/spice washing machine is used for thorough washing, soaking and draining water from spices, cereals etc. The machine is fitted with reduction gear and electric motor, which rotates the stirrers, fitted in double layered stainless steel vessel. The perforated inner vessel is the filtering vessel of discharge water and it is controlled by ball valve. Washed material can be easily collected through centre door.

Available Models: SWM-50, SWM-100, SWM-150, SWM-250 & SWM-500.

Machine Specifications

Model No Power (HP) Output Capacity (Kg/Hr)
SWM-50 0.25 50
SWM-100 0.5 100
SWM-150 1 150
SWM-250 1.5 250
SWM-500 3 500

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