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2 in 1- SS model

2 in 1- MS model

3 in 1- MS model

powdering system- 2 in1

Powdering Unit

Powdering system consists of three machines mounted on a single platform driven by a single electric motor. Each machine works independently at a time, by changing its belt arrangement. Those machines are:

  • Herbs Chopping Machine (Shredder)
  • Double Stage Pulverizer
  • Impact/ Micro fine Pulverizer
  • The raw drugs firstly feed to chopping section, if it needs. After cutting the drugs into small pieces, it can be passed to double stage pulverizer then to micro fine pulverizer as per requirement. Water cooling arrangement is provided on both pulverizers to avoid excessive heating of the powders and thus to keep its quality. Material of construction is generally high grade steel. Stainless steel models are available as per customer requirements. Feeding & output collection of materials are generally manual. Automatic system can be attached as per customer preference.

    Available Models: SPS-10, SPS-15, SPS-20 & SPS-30.

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